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how it began

While in Abuja, my Idoma friends and I chopped grilled fish, laced with eye watering chilli, plantain, sweet tomatoes, red onions garnished with a dash of jaw clenching lime. As we exchanged stories, they made me laugh so much
that I missed my plane.

In Stonetown, Zanzibar, a fragile child, no more than 9 years old, was sitting near me and asked if I could look after her clothes so she could go for a swim. When she turned her back, her skin was broken from whiplashes old
and new. I asked her, “Who did that?” She replied, “Mama” and ran into the ocean to soothe her wounds. That encounter did not eclipse the wonderful memories of an island that showed me love, when I needed to bathe my own personal

In Dakar, the women, their figures are taut, lean and godly, they do not walk, they glide.

Not far from the mosque, I was introduced to an old man who has written one hundred and twenty scripts and knows Hieroglyphics that explain much about the world, even the origins of aeroplanes. He said, “We know a lot more”, so I bought
his abstract painting with a red metal bit placed off to centre left.

I’ve only travelled, lived and worked in about a quarter of the continent and I will never be in all of the places in this land.

But I yearn to see some more. I wish for one place where Africa can go to, to show the stories that are happening on her soil.

I swear my friends if this place existed, it will be an epic and endless feast we can all enjoy.

So hence the plan; why don’t we create this space?!

A place where Africa meets to show what’s happening all around her.

This place shall be called Embozi.

On Embozi we shall send in exceptional stories for us to be moved, touched and inspired.

From the region of the Baganda, my people, Embozi is a way of saying, “What’s the story?”

While we munch on roasted corn, drink a local brew, chat with a neighbour or colleague at work, we’ll find a moment to log in to see our adventures on Embozi. But please make your stories short and straight to the point, in our land
connections are slow and data is low.

So, in the month of September from fifty-six countries, filming from our phones (or fancy cameras if you wish), Africa will show unity and integrity through a tool that we use every day.

As the stories come in, we’ll upload them and be in all of the places in all of Africa, almost as fast as a Xhosa click

Let it be done. Thank you.

Lovinsa Kavuma

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