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What’s the story Africa? What is making you love and fear?

Embozi Africa sets out to connect people’s stories, ideas and experiences shown through a collective narrative and a cinematic landscape of colours, patterns and rhythm, set against the vast wealth of African music, from the nomadic desert cries to the latest beats in Lagos, Johannesburg, Kinshasa and beyond. The film will be a roller–coaster ride of emotions as it crosses and questions borders, whether physical or perceived.

This is an invitation to Africans to show what is happening in their part of Africa, be it to raise awareness or concern or to say what’s at stake, or in some way to make a difference. 

Embozi Africa is a mirror of ourselves, a story-vault of trials and tribulations and indeed, it is a love letter from Africa to Africa.

To take part, use your phone to film what’s happening in your part of Africa. 

Please send your video via

Producer/director: Lovinsa Kavuma

Embozi and Embozi Africa, the documentary film are productions of Film Fractals Ltd.

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